The Perfect Dance Bag

The Perfect Dance Bag

Every dancer needs a great dance bag.  When we’re young it’s often a cute little bag that holds that very first pair of ballet slippers and as we get older, it’s required to hold all the essentials!  A well prepared dancer knows to never forget their dance bag and some key items when heading to class!

Let’s go through what those items are to keep your dancer ready for class and help you moms out with staying organized…. because we all know how imperative that is with busy households!

Your shoes of course are the most basic thing to make sure to have in your dance bag!  A dancer should be checking their bag to make sure they have all shoes before showing up for class.  Depending on age and what the child is enrolled in, our dance shoes will consist of Ballet slippers, Jazz shoes, Tap shoes and/or Hip Hop runners.  It is also really important that you label their shoes.  At least once a week a pair of shoes will get forgotten at the studio or taken home by another kid by accident.  Labelling your shoes ensure quick sorting when needed!


Spare tights and bodysuit are essential for dance and I recommend to keep in your dance bag.  If you’re coming straight from school or another activity, having an extra set saved in your bag ensures you never show up to class unprepared.   Keeping a spare set also ensures that should something happen in class or between classes (such as food or a drink spilled on yourself, which has happened), the child always have something to wear.


Hair ties, bobby pins and a brush I can’t stress this one enough.  It’s so important to keep your hair tied back during class, so please keep some hair ties in your dance bag no matter what.  Having their hair pulled back is important for us to help properly teach certain things like turns or acro skills in which they are upside down.  It’s also important because it’s distracting when your hair is in your face when dancing and honestly it’s really annoying (for lack of better words) as a teacher when a child keeps re-doing their ponytail in class because it’s always falling out and having to wait on them because they “aren’t ready”.


Being prepared play’s a psychological part of learning and training.   When a child feels like a dancer they will learn better.  When prepared we often feel less stress or worry as well.   I always tell the kids in class that a hockey player doesn’t go on the ice for practice without skates, equipment or helmet and a dancer shouldn’t be showing up to class without their shoes, bodysuit and hair pulled back.  As dance teachers we really appreciate when children come to class ready to dance and is ready and focused.

For students dancing more than 45 minute’s we recommend packing Water and some Healthy Snacks as well.  Staying hydrated when exerting energy over a long period of time is important to keep body temperature regulated.  Having a healthy snack to properly fuel the body is always great for a quick energy boost!


Having a good bag with different compartments or using additional zip locks or toiletry style bags will help keep everything organized!  At Enlightened Dance Corp we chat with the kids about responsibility and try to encourage them to take pride in being prepared and organized, hoping it is a tool that may help them into other areas as well.

Happy Dancing!

Ms. Lindsay


Our Enlightened Dance Corp backpacks are available by putting in an order and our canvas tote bags are available at the studio.