So You’re A Dance Mom!

So You’re A Dance Mom!

So you’re a new Dance Mom, well that is exciting!  It’s so funny to me listening to people talk about being a “Dance Mom”.  Some so proud of the title and some fear it like rabies hahaha.  But really, I think there are far more pros than cons in this role.

First off, let’s just be clear that if you are comparing the title to the famed tv show “Dance Mom’s”, you’re going to have a very real misrepresentation of what it actually looks like.  Although said to be “reality” tv we all know these shows are very scripted and are meant to be outrageous.  In addition these dancers are training extremely competitively and extensively in a high stress environment.  So let’s just push that show to the side and focus on what it actually looks like.

Being a Dance Mom in a recreational atmosphere is fun and easy.  For most it simply requires just dropping your child off at dance class for a short time a couple hours max, little commitment to other performances and events.  Piece a cake!  If you’re enrolling your child in dance than you’ve already been through the baby and toddler years and if you can parent, you can be a dance mom.  If you’re the parent of a student in the competitive program well it is definitely more of a commitment but don’t stress… stress gets us nowhere.  And honestly it’s only as busy and crazy as you allow it.

If you take the time to get to know the other moms around the studio and part of your child’s dance group(s) it can be a really wonderful experience!  Dance is supposed to be an encouraging community for kids, a place where they feel comfortable to learn and grow and express themselves through dance.  The goal to always do our best to build good dancers and good people.  And this same atmosphere we build for the kids is something we want to promote within the community of parents as well.  When you or your child are spending multiple hours in the studio a week it should feel comfortable and safe.

The load can be lighter when you build your dance community.  Car pools, supper drop offs, helping put in a ponytail or share an extra pair of tights or bodysuit can go a long way.  Families are busy and when you create a group of moms (and dads) willing to help each other out, it can be a much more enjoyable and manageable experience.

Some of the benefits I’ve seen of being a Dance Mom

  • new group of friends
  • building a community around your dance family
  • getting to travel and spend quality time with your child if attending competitions
  • the joy and happiness of watching your child perform

At Enlightened Dance Corp we try to help our dance families along the way.  First off we have “Our Door Is Always Open” policy.  If you ever have questions or concerns we always encourage you to ask!  We also have days we welcome parents into the studio so you get to see and be a part of what your child is learning.  We have newsletters and our private Facebook page to keep people in the loop of studio activities and events and a wonderful parent committee where you’re welcome to volunteer or be a part of any activities if you wish.  We hold our annual hair and make-up evenings to make sure all families know how to prepare for competition, recital and picture day and never want you to feel like your stranded without a life jacket.  Don’t be afraid to join the community of parents in your dance studio and if you’re a busy working mom or juggling multiple kids don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I’d also like to do a HUGE shout out that although this is written around “Dance Moms” we have some pretty amazing “Dance Dads” as well.  And all these same things apply to you too dads!  It’s always something special, whichever parent role you are in, dance can be a wonderful experience to share with your child.

Just remember everything we do in life or involve ourselves in can be joyful or dreadful.  It’s how we choose to look at things and our attitude when we involve ourselves.  Don’t loose focus on what’s important and what works for your family.  And even during the times that feel chaotic, just remember the smiling face on that stage wouldn’t be there without you!

Happy Dancing!